The University Club
215, College West Building
University of Regina

January 31 to March 17, 2017  

In Appreciation: The artist thanks Liz Dusyk, Manager of the University Club; Ryan Arnott, Exhibition Coordinator; all of the lenders to the exhibition; and his wife Dianna; for making this show possible.

Information and text provided on this page was prepared by Ryan Arnott for the printed show brochure.


Les Sneesby
Exotic Pictures of an Armchair Traveller

A major solo exhibition of fine paintings by Regina artist, Les Sneesby was hosted at the University Club at the U of R from Jan. 31 - Mar. 17, 2017.

The show features twenty-four watercolours, many of them depicting intriguing persons in exotic locales around the world.

One large picture portrays a gondolier guiding his craft on the watery ‘streets’ of Venice; another shows three young musicians busking on Canal Street in New Orleans. Yet another artwork depicts a man with a long beard holding a bottle; he is a master perfume maker showing his wares in Rajasthan, India.

While Sneesby has done his share of international travel, a number of these artworks are based on photographs that his friends took on their trips, or pictures they found and gave him to paint; hence the show title, Exotic Pictures of an Armchair Traveller.

Les Sneesby’s best work incorporates a fairly unique style of watercolour which is integrated with a healthy dose of drawing. The paintings are detailed and the surfaces are activated by spontaneous marks inside the contours of forms. This gives the pictures a dynamism and stability that is stronger than a typical watercolour.



About the Artist:

Les Sneesby has focussed on painting rather late in his life, yet he has been involved in creative endeavours since he was young. He worked in the display department of the historic Eaton’s store in Winnipeg for many years, and then came to Saskatchewan to work at Eaton’s in Moose Jaw and Regina. His work involved dressing all the windows and creating displays throughout the store.

In 1978, Sneesby set up his own company, Regina Visual Display, which grew to have offices in Alberta and B. C.. Later the company expanded and became Displayco.

Over the years he has painted in oils in Winnipeg, took watercolour classes in Saskatoon, and studied painting with Beth Gaffney here in Regina.

Les Sneesby was a member of the Regina Federation of Artists for about 5 years and since 2013 he has exhibited with a team of artists that call themselves the "Group of 6 ½."



Les Sneesby at the University Club.     Photo Credit: Mélissa Cassista